Internet of Things (IoT) has somewhat intrigued me. Do we need it ? Will it give the promised benefits? Is there a compelling value proposition ? Will it when implemented keep us from harm’s way or otherwise given that IoT leads to a sort of “ubiquitous computing “.

Does it seem that the entire endeavor has arisen out of some combination of the technically feasible but yet to solve a business problem worth solving?

Given my current role, I am blessed with the fact that I can have a close look at this “explosive metamorphosis ” which is waiting to happen. I will be sharing with you what all I see on my path,  through this blog and its posts.

Somjit Amrit

Somjit heads the  IoT and Data Analytics CoE at Opterna AM. He can be reached at somjit.amrit@opterna.com / somjitamrit@gmail.com .

Comments and suggestions welcome from friends . familiar strangers and acquaintances not yet known !!